Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 21, 2022) – Pentagon Prefers Fiction Over Facts

Saturday, 23 July 2022 — Land Destroyer

 July 21, 2022 (The New Atlas) – Update on Russia Operations in Ukraine for July 21, 2022.

  • Pentagon admits Ukrainian troops are not stopping Russia’s advance;
  • Pentagon admits HIMARS cannot “win” a war on their own;
  • US allies are repairing Ukrainian equipment Ukraine is not capable of repairing itself;
  • Media and US officials float idea of training Ukrainian pilots to fly Western warplanes;
  • US claims Russia’s advances are slow and incremental, omitting that Donbass is the most heavily fortified region of Ukraine and yet Russia continues to advance.

2 thoughts on “Russian Ops in Ukraine (July 21, 2022) – Pentagon Prefers Fiction Over Facts

  1. Steven says:

    I think the Russians are waiting for the late September rain. In that part of the world, the ground gets extremely muddy, and I mean extremely. I have been there and it sticks to your shoes like sh*t. When this rain comes, they will shell and bomb the roads behind the Ukrainians, making it difficult to move anywhere quickly. At the same time, they will also attack in the West from Belarus, and Transnistria using old-fashioned fast-moving blitzkreig tactics but avoiding major population centres, but this time move south to link up with forces moving north from Transnistria. I understand it does not get as muddy in the Western part of Ukraine. I think they might also be working on a secret deal with Hungary and possibly, but less likely, Poland, to let them take back some of the land that used to belong to them before WW2 under the guise of entering Ukraine to fight off the Russians and, of course, offering them a good deal on gas. All this is pure speculation looking at the map etc. I don’t have any particular sources to back my thoughts up.


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