NATO Newslinks for 2 July 2011: Nato rules out military intervention in Syria

2 July 2011 —

Clinton: Gadhafi’s Threats Will Not Stop NATO in Libya
Voice of America
Photo: AP US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says NATO will not let Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s threats deter its mission in the country. Clinton made the comments during a visit to Spain Saturday. Libya’s embattled leader threatened Friday that …

Libya can sting Europe like ‘swarm of bees’: Kadhafi
TRIPOLI — Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi threatened retaliation against Europe on Friday unless NATO ceases its operations, saying loyalist forces can launch stinging attacks like “locusts and bees.” The embattled leader also urged supporters to …

Afghan police were unable to fight militants in Kabul hotel without NATO help
Kabul, July 2: Afghan officials have admitted that they could not have retaken the Intercontinental Hotel from Taliban militants without the help of NATO Special Forces. The revelations come at a time when Afghan forces are expected to take over …

Nato rules out military intervention in Syria
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Nato head Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said there will
be no military intervention in Syria despite similar levels of
government-sponsored violence as in Libya. Speaking in Vienna on Thursday
(30 June) after a meeting with foreign …

NATO preparing for Libyan invasion?
UPI/Benjamin Wilson/US Air Force MOSCOW, July 1 (UPI) — Dmitry Rogozin,
Russia’s envoy to NATO, said Friday he believes the alliance is preparing
for a ground invasion of Libya. A UN Security Council resolution passed
earlier this year authorized a …

Moammar Khadafy to NATO: Leave Libya alone or we’ll attack Europe like ‘locusts’
New York Daily News
Khadafy is warning NATO that his forces can strike the Europe… unless
western bombing strikes against his country cease. Looney Libyan dictator
Moammar Khadafy threatened airstrikes in Europe against “homes, offices,
families” if NATO did not halt …

Latest developments in Arab world’s unrest
Sacramento Bee
AP Moammar Gadhafi threatens to carry out attacks in Europe against “homes,
offices, families,” unless NATO halts its campaign of airstrikes against
his regime in Libya. He delivers the comments in an address to one of the
largest pro-government …

Medvedev will meet with head of NATO
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will discuss missile systems and the war
in Afghanistan when he meets with NATO’s top leader in a meeting this week
in Sochi. UPI Photo/Stringer. MOSCOW, July 1 (UPI) — Russian President
Dmitry Medvedev will discuss …

Lansing native helps with NATO missions
David “Scott” Templeton, a 1989 graduate of TF South High School, is a
paratrooper staff sergeant on special assignment with Adm. James Stavridis,
NATO’s supreme allied commander in Europe. NATO’s International Security
Assistance Force helps maintain …

Obama in Libya: Dishonestly and illegally
The Union Leader
He says NATO now calls the shots there. But since NATO took over, the
United States has conducted about 90 missile strikes, The New York Times
reported last week. That’s not hostile? Under the law, this war had to be
completed by May 20. …

Defiant Gaddafi Threatens Attacks On Europe
Sky News
Spring has turned to summer here in Tripoli and Nato probably did not
really think when it began military intervention in March that Col Gaddafi
would still be in power now. It wanted to dish out a short sharp shock. But
Col Gaddafi is not only still …

Kucinich Invites Foreign Intrigue with NATO War Crimes Letter (blog)
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) recently sent a letter to the United
Nations and the International Criminal Court enjoining them to initiate an
investigation of NATO and its military commanders for potential war crimes
related to civilian deaths in …

Photo: Independence Day event at NATO in Norfolk
The Virginian-Pilot
By Preston Gannaway Children line the sidewalk waiting for the start of a
celebration at NATO’s Headquarters in Norfolk on Friday, July 1, 2011, in
honor of Independence Day. From left is Tyler Frostad, 6, Kiley Frostad, 2,
Lizzy Dixon, 4, Maddie Dixon …

Libya: Unending American Hostility
Foreign Policy Journal
The American media has done its best to dismiss or ignore Libyan charges
that NATO/US missiles have been killing civilians (the people they’re
supposedly protecting), at least up until the recent bombing “error”
that was too blatant to be covered up. …

Day Five: Hunger Strike To Stop NATO Attacks On Libya
by OfficialMemo NATO continues to attack Libya despite continued support
for Greg Smith’s “Fast For Peace”. Today is Day Five. OfficialWire reported
last Tuesday that Smith had begun a hunger strike to protest what he calls
“the continued illegal NATO …

Russia condemns NATO air strikes on Libya
Press TV
Russia is against ambiguous interpretation of the UN Security Council
resolution, which has resulted in disproportionate use of force by NATO in
Libya. Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov made the stance clear during
talks with his French …

Central Asia Must Protect Itself Against NATO – OpEd
Eurasia Review
NATO had a somewhat tolerable face at the start of this century but it has
turned ugly and loathsome within a decade. Not a kind wrinkle in the face
of this hag, even it you look hard. At the start of the US/NATO occupation
of Afghanistan soon after …

The Multilateralist: The gloom over the Balkans
Foreign Policy
Several participants hinted darkly that new violence could erupt at any
time and noted that the international community’s tools for responding to
violence have grown much weaker; most NATO forces have withdrawn over the
years, and there is only a rump …

Over looking NATO’s Killing Fields in Libya, UN warns Sri Lanka of action in …
Are they blind and deaf or are they in another planet, not to see or hear
of the on going unpitying massacres taking place in Libya and warn NATO to
stop immediately its war crimes in Libya ? In Sri Lanka an efficient
Government with a well organized …

French foreign minister: Russian contribution could be decisive in ending the …
RIA Novosti
On March 31, NATO took control of the Libyan operation. The stated aim of
Operation Protector is to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas
under attack or threat of attack. The mission consists of three elements:
an arms embargo, a no-fly zone …

Clinton: Gadhafi threats won’t deter NATO mission
By BRADLEY KLAPPER , 07.02.11, 05:22 AM EDT MADRID — The United States and
Spain say they won’t let Moammar Gadhafi’s threats of attacks against
Europe deter their mission to protect Libyan civilians and force him to
leave power. …

NATO keeps quiet against Pakistani rocket attack, official 2011-07-02 17:22
Wakht News Agency
Afghan minister of interior, Besmellah Mohammadi on Saturday told Welisi
Jirga members that the Pakistani missile attacks are continued since the
last three weeks and the NATO has kept silence against the action of the
neighboring country. …

Libya and Millennium of War
Media Monitors Network
by Rick Rozoff “Although, over 200 sea-launched cruise missiles were
expended in the opening days of the now over hundred-day assault against
Libya (100 on the first day), the US and its NATO allies will have a
plentiful supply, an almost inexhaustible …

World News: Gaza activists forced ashore in flotilla ban
A DEFIANT Colonel Gaddafi has threatened to carry out attacks in Europe
against “homes, offices, families,” unless Nato halts its campaign of air
strikes against his regime in Libya. The Libyan leader, sought by the
International Criminal Court for a …

Why Would a NATO Country Send Fleeing Refugees Back to Libya?
UN Dispatch
What makes this all the more disturbing is that Italy is part of the
NATO-led coalition fighting in Libya, and as such, bears some
responsibility for the conflict. Yet, it would appear that the Italian
government is unwilling to live up to their …

Germany takes final step towards professional army
It was one of the much admired and enduring facets of post-Hitler society,
established when West Germany joined Nato in 1955. The idea was to educate
young people and create a new German soldier, aware of his civic
responsibilities: the citizen in …

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia
Ms Clinton’s calle comes in the aftermath of a speech in which Tripoli’s
leader threatened to “expand the fight to Euro and the mediterranean” if
NATO airstrikes continue. “Instead of giving out threats, Gheddafi should
put his people’s wealth and …

NATO destroy military facility in Tripoli
Kuwait News Agency
BRUSSELS, July 1 (KUNA) — NATO warplanes in the last 24 hours hit and
destroyed a number of military assets belonging to pro-Gaddafi forces in
and around several towns. One military facility and one radar was destroyed
near Tripoli, noted a NATO …

Human rights groups: charges against Gaddafi unsupported by evidence
Party for Socialism and Liberation
The charges are in line with the accusations of crimes against humanity
that became the pretext for the NATO bombing of Libya—that a
“humanitarian intervention” was needed to prevent atrocities that were
supposedly taking place. …

Defiant Gaddafi warns NATO of ‘catastrophe’
Yet, he sees hundreds of innocent Libyan civilians killed and maimed by
NATO bombs every day. Obama should be in handcuffs as a war criminal for
the way he has attacked Libya with his unapproved war.,0,4566788.story

How the War in Libya Is Like Fast Food
New York Magazine
Listen, NATO and rebels both are in a hurry, they want to finish as soon as
possible because they are hungry, they are tired, they want to share the
cake. It’s like, for them, Libya is like fast food, like McDonald’s, fast.
Because everything should be …

The Libya uprising – Why pay such a high price?
Newstime Africa
The operation was later handed over to the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO) which has since been carrying out a series of air-raids
on the Colonel’s vast network of military installations in an attempt to
decapitate his military capability. …

Even if Gaddafi is killed, NATO will not leave – ex-Belgian MP — RT
Regime change is the real reason NATO is in Libya, Lode Vanoost,
international consultant and former deputy speaker of the Belgian
Parliament told RT. Even if Gaddafi is ousted, murdered or flees the
country, NATO forces will not leave …

NATO’s Libyan War Is ‘Like Fast Food,’ Qaddafi’s Son Says …
In an appearance on Russia Today, an English-language satellite channel
financed by the Russian government that often takes a critical view of
American policies, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s son Seif al-Islam said that
the international …

Libya And Millennium Of War « Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
Stop NATO July 2, 2011. Libya And Millennium Of War Rick Rozoff. On June 26
the West’s war against Libya reached its hundredth day. Launched on March
19 with a barrage of bombing raids and Tomahawk cruise missile attacks
conducted by …

Russian Envoy: NATO Likely Preparing Ground Invasion in Libya …
By Jason Ditz
Speaking today to a Russian media outlet, Russian ambassador to NATO Dmitry
Rogozin said he believes that NATO, or at least some of its members, are
laying the groundwork for a fullscale ground invasion of Libya. …

Russia says NATO breaches UN resolution on Libya | U.S. News Las Vegas
By admin
The NATO-led coalition violates the United Nations Resolution on Libya and
thus deteriorates prospects of a peaceful settlement in the country,
according to Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko who heads the
Russian delegation at …

Clinton: Gadhafi threats won’t deter NATO mission | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
The United States and Spain say they won’t let Moammar Gadhafi’s threats of
attacks against Europe deter their mission to protect Libyan civilians and
force him to leave power. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
said …

Clinton: Gadhafi threats won’t deter NATO mission – World news
The United States and Spain said Saturday they won’t let Moammar Gadhafi’s
threats of retaliatory attacks in Europe deter their mission…

Gaddafi Threatens To Attack Europe If NATO Airstrikes Continue …
By Suzi P.
Embattled Libyan leader Colonel Muammar el-Gaddafi threatened to carry out
attacks in Europe unless NATO stops its campaign of airstrikes against his

1Million+ Libyan Civilians Protest Against NATO And Its Rebels …
By sakerfa
Webster Tarpley from Tripoli: Million Man March Dares Obama, NATO to Invade
· A Look At Reality – Max Igan · The Tentacles of Megas: Reaching from
the Government to the Emasculated Watchdogs · Adam Vs The Man – GMO =
Super Pot!, …

50th Anniversary of the NATO Integrated Air Defence System …
By Jorge Benitez
From Allied Command Operations: Fifty years ago today – on 1 July 1961
– the NATO Integrated Air Defence System (NATINADS) came into existence,
as all air defence units in NATO’s Central Region were integrated into a
unified structure …

Qaddafi’s Son Pooh-Poohs NATO and Its Happy Meal Mentality …
Saif al-Islam says the west won’t get the “fast war” it’s looking for.

Clinton dismisses Gaddafi threats over Nato’s air strikes in Libya …
By om.amer
US secretary of state says Libyan leader’s warning that he will attack
Europe will not deter Nato or affect its air campaign. clinton libya
gaddafi threats US secretary of state Hillary Clinton: ‘We need to see this
through. …

Central Asia must protect itself against NATO – News Central Asia …
By admin
Ashgabat, 2 July 2011 (nCa) — NATO had a somewhat tolerable face at the
start of this century but it has turned ugly and loathsome within a decade.
Not a kind wrinkle in the face of this hag, even it you look hard. …

Exclusive: NATO Stopped Hotel Attack, Afghan Police Say – World …
By Joshua Cohan
Their descriptions contradict NATO officials’ claims that its forces were
barely needed and that Afghan forces secured the hotel themselves. The
revelations come as Afghan forces are expected to take over security
operations from the …

HotAirPundit: Qaddafi Threatens Attacks in Europe if NATO Doesn’t …
By HotAirPundit
Qaddafi Threatens Attacks in Europe if NATO Doesn’t Stop Airstrikes. How
about that ‘noose tightening around Qaddafi?’ That’s what President Obama
told us 110 days ago. Now he’s threatening to attack Europe …

Exclusive: NATO Stopped Hotel Attack, Afghan Police Say | MyPress …
By ABC News: International
In the most extensive account yet provided of the siege of Kabul’s
Intercontinental Hotel, Afghan police and hotel officials described how a
relatively undisciplined group of suicide bombers kept Afghan forces at bay
for hours — and …

Libyan blames NATO airstrike for 15 deaths – World news – Mideast …
Libyan authorities accused NATO of killing 15 people Saturday in an
airstrike that hit a restaurant and bakery in the east, though the alliance
said there …

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