Assange Defense: Another chance to add your name!

16 November 2020 — Assange Defense

First, we have to start off this note with a huge thank you to all of the folks who have worked with us to get LTEs published in their local papers! We have had huge success so far and have published over 40 of your letters with more on the way.

What we are writing today to talk about is our next angle for LTEs– getting the President to pardon Assange before he leaves office. Whether you think this is a long shot or our best chance at freeing Assange, we believe this is a crucial piece of our advocacy. We want to show the nation and the world that across the political spectrum there are folks who want to free Assange with a Presidential pardon.

We have created a few draft LTEs for folks across our amazingly diverse coalition to defend Julian Assange by demanding a pardon. Please read them over at the link here and let us know which one you like, and we will do all of the work to send it to your local publication. All we need from you is your:

  1. Full Name
  2. Address and
  3. Phone Number

With these three pieces of information, which we will not share at all beyond the LTE submission process, we can show the nation and our President that pardoning Assange is what the people want. If you want to write your own LTE that is great as well! Please reply to this email at to get started.


Team Assange Defense

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