UK: Renters are bearing the cost of the pandemic

26 November 2020 — Generation Rent

Yesterday the Chancellor had the chance to give renters struggling with rent debt some comfort over Christmas – but he failed.

Our research has shown there are now 1.9 million private renter households getting benefits. That’s a 36% rise since February!

And because of the way housing benefits are designed, half a million households don’t get enough to cover their rent in full.

That means using up savings, borrowing money or even cutting back on food and heating to avoid getting behind on rent and risking homelessness.

Yet presented with all this evidence, the Chancellor decided to let the situation get worse, by freezing housing benefit.

Housing benefit should not be frozen. It needs to be increased.

Together we need to act. Help us fight for the half a million renter households who don’t get enough to cover their rent.

MPs need to know that renters and people like you won’t stand for this.

Will you ask your MP to urge the Chancellor to reconsider?


The Chancellor himself predicts that unemployment will hit 2.6 million people.

To support them through this crisis he needs to raise Local Housing Allowance to cover average rents, abolish the benefit cap that cuts families’ incomes further, and provide a fund to clear rent arrears.

Instead he’s asking the people who can least afford it to get into devastating levels of debt.

Please let your MP know what renters are going through.


Thank you for your support,

Tilly at Generation Rent

PS Read more about our new research here. You can support more essential work like this with a donation.

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