Palestine/Gaza News Links 13 May 2021

13 May 2021 — The New Dark Age

Laith Marouf on Palestinian legitimate Resistance to Israeli occupation & to the bombardment of Gaza

The Electronic Intifada 13 May 2021

Fifteen Thoughts On Palestine

From Palestine To Colombia: The End Of The White World Colonial/Capitalist Project?

In Solidarity With the Palestinian Struggle

Israel’s Aggressive Actions Are Indefensible

Zionism Is The Modern Version Of The Nazi Land Grab Ideology

The World Stands with Palestine

Enough is Enough: It is Time for Apartheid to End, by Kenn Orphan

Muna is Palestine, Yakub is Israel: The Untold Story of Sheikh Jarrah

Palestine/Gaza News Links 14 April – 12 May 2021

Israeli Offensive and Intense Airstrikes on Gaza Continues

What Assassinations and Operations in Iran Can We Expect from the CIA-Mossad Alliance?

What Kind of People Associate with an Alleged Pedophile?

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