Sitrep Operation Z: collapses and progress

Tuesday, 26 July, 2022 — The Saker

By Saker Staff for the Saker Blog

Military Summary Channel reports on the collapses and the progress.  Soon after the start, he relates the sorry story of the sorry Ukrainian attempt to bribe Russian pilots to fly their battle aircraft out of Russia, in an attempt to steal them and stage a media victory for the Ukraine.

Defense Politics Asia Channel has more information.

The SMO is making steady but slow progress if one does not take into consideration that Russia and the Republics are reconstructing and instituting military-civilian social structures all the time.

Military Summary reports or considers that the entire South of the front line has already collapsed in some areas and is in the process of collapsing in others. Only small and under-equipped Ukrainian forces remain, are being cleaned, or retreating or surrendering.

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