Iran News Links 6-7 January 2020

7 January 2020 • 23:00 — The New Dark Age

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Millions Pack Tehran Streets To Pay Homage To Gen. Soleimani

3 Panel Radio Discussion on Latest Trump v. Iran Events

SITREP- Pentagon and the entirety of the US military are designated as terrorists while the Resistance Axis aims to deepen its cooperation

Recognizing the Heroes, a “2020 Vision”

‘No War With Iran’ Marches Set for Thursday Across US

The Empire is Finished–It’s Just a Matter of Time by Bruce Gagnon + Postmortem Assassination of Iran’s General Soleimani by Finian Cunningham

Global State Terrorism

Trump Admin Bars Top Iranian Diplomat From Entering U.S.

The US propaganda machine justifies the assassination of Qassem Suleimani


How Iran Can Checkmate Trump

There Is Zero Actual Evidence Iran Is Responsible for Killing Hundreds of Americans

Iran’s Parliament Designates Pentagon an Official Terrorist Organization

Iran’s Hero has Fallen, and Now the World is an Even More Dangerous Place

Major U.S. Military Contractors Stand to Reap Huge Windfalls from Escalation of Conflict with Iran

The US, Iran and Qasem Soleimani story explained in 400 words

Trump and His Team Are Lying Their Way to War with Iran

Qual è la vera minaccia nucleare in Medio Oriente

Iran Evaluating 13 Retaliation Scenarios To Inflict “Historic Nightmare” On US

Impeach Trump for Acts of War on Iraq, Iran and Elsewhere

US Blocks Iran’s Foreign Minister From Addressing UN Security Council

Iran vs. US: The Murder of General Qassem Suleimani

America just killed the military leaders who defeated ISIS. Jihadists are rejoicing

Trump has Placed the United States on a Collision Course with Iran

Video: Qassem Soleimani: Martyr of Iranian Revolution

Putin Should Take Control of the Iranian Situation Out of Israel’s Hands

A Forlorn Hope In US-Iran Confrontation

‘The People of This Region Want US Out’: More Than 40 Iranian Mourners Killed at Soleimani Funeral Procession

Ilhan Omar just pointed out one really f**ked up detail about Trump’s war on Iran

How Iran Can Checkmate Trump

‘They Fear Someone Will Go There and Tell the Truth,’ Says Iran’s Top Diplomat as Trump White House Bars Him From US

Invoke U.N.’s Uniting for Peace Resolution before Trump Embroils Us in War with Iran

At least 35 people killed in stampede at Soleimani funeral in Iran

Behind The #WWIII Hashtag

A forlorn hope in US-Iran confrontation

Invoke U.N.’s Uniting For Peace Resolution Before Trump Embroils Us In War With Iran

Statement on Assassination of Qasem Soleimani and its Aftermath

Qual è la vera minaccia nucleare in Medio Oriente

America, An Empire on its Last Leg: To be Kicked Out from the Middle East?

Drivers ‘starting to feel effects of oil price rises’

EU formally confirms foreign ministers’ meeting on Iran

Esmail Qaani: The new man leading Iran’s elite Quds Force

Our Responsibility As Citizens Of Empire

Global Day Of Protest, January 25, No War With Iran!

Iraqi PM Reveals Soleimani Was On Peace Mission When Assassinated, Exploding Trump’s Lie Of ‘Imminent Attacks’

Iraq’s Sistani to Iran’s Leader: The great General Soleimani’s role against Daesh was unparalleled

Assault Ship With 2,000 Marines Heading Toward Iraq as Pentagon Confirms US Army NOT Leaving

The Death of a General

As millions march in Tehran, US steps up military build-up against Iran

The US propaganda machine justifies the assassination of Qassem Suleimani

Mike Pence Lies About Soleimani, 9/11 In Plain Sight Of Mother, Bible, Half-Eaten Apple Pie

US Empire’s Passion For Iraqi Democracy Magically Disappears

Anti-terror hero Soleimani a ‘terrorist’? US ‘false life syndrome’ normal since 2003

War with Iran

Veteran Speaks At “No War On Iran” Rally Los Angeles

Progressive Challenger Jessica Cisneros Denounces Democratic Incumbent Henry Cuellar for Backing Trump’s Assassination of Iran General

Antiwar Movement Stands With The People Of Iran And Iraq, Mobilizing To Stop War In The Middle East

Iran Soleimani killing: US denies Iraq pullout amid letter confusion

Extrajudicial Assassinations are “Legal”: American Democracy and the “Disposition Matrix”

To Stop Trump’s War with Iran, We Must Also Confront the Democrats Who Laid the Groundwork

Refuting Lies: Iran, War and the Constitution

Meet the Corporate War Profiteers Making a Killing on Trump’s Attacks on Iran

Military Contractors Raytheon, Lockheed Martin See Stock Prices Soar Amid Iran Crisis

Trump Threats of Cultural Genocide Against Iran Violate US, International Law

Jimmy Dore examines the Soleimani murder fallout, and US media beahviour

The Iraq Embassy Revolt Portends to the Future of Class Struggle by Rainer Shea + Mike Prysner: No War on Iran! Troops Out of Iraq!

Arch Enemy? Three Times Qasem Soleimani Saved American Lives

Soleimani’s Killing may Drive the US Out of the Region & Trump Out of Office

Financial N-option will settle Trump’s oil war

Today’s Links 6 January 2020

Iran: the killing of Qassem Soleimani – oppose US imperialist aggression

Expert Notes US Bombing of Iran That Didn’t Target Cultural Sites Would Still Be ‘Terrible and Illegal’

US march to war against Iran gives oil industry a boost

‘Sea of Endless People’ Mourns Soleimani Across Iran, Vowing Trump Will Be Held Accountable for Assassination

Top Senate Democrats Demand Trump Declassify Decision to Kill Soleimani That Brought US to the ‘Brink of War With Iran’

Trump’s Iran Aggression Sparks Protests Across America, World

US President ready to hold talks with Iran on nuclear deal reconsideration – White House

Iran will never have nuclear weapons – US President

The murder of Qassem Soleimani and assassination as state policy

The United States is my jailer/my kidnapper. Not my government.

“We Do Not Seek War,” Says President Who Just Started A War

The US Government Lies Constantly, And The Burden Of Proof Is On The Accuser

Ryan Cristián — The Last American Vagabond — on the Assassination of Soleimani, What You Need to Know

A Dubious Official Story Masks The True Motives Behind The Soleimani Assassination

Israel’s Fingerprint Are All Over the Assassination of Qasem Soleimani

Trump Doubles Down On Threat to Destroy Iranian Cultural Sites (a.k.a. War Crimes)

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are…

An Act of Cowardice: US Assassination of Soleimani Puts US-Israeli Fear of Iran on Full Display

UK Nuclear Sub ‘In Position to Strike Iran’ Amid Tensions over Soleimani’s Killing

The US Assassination of Major General Qassem Suleimani Underscores the Urgent Need to Reenter the Iran Deal

Russian Defense Minister held talks with Iran’s Chief of Staff

The “Great Game” is Afoot: Killing Soleimani Reflects US Desperation in the Middle East

Iranian-Americans are detained at the border as they return from a rock concert in Canada

America Escalates Its “Democratic” Oil War in the Near East

U.S. Empire’s Passion for Iraqi Democracy Magically Disappears

A Terrorist Attack Against Eurasian Integration

The Middle East Strategic “Balance” Shredded

No to Disastrous War With Iran

Attorney Who Sued Bush over Iraq War Says US Assassination of Soleimani Was a ‘Violation of Human Rights Law’

Was Soleimani Framed by Trump? In Baghdad to Receive US Supported “De-escalation Proposal” from Saudi Arabia

The United States’ Assassination of Iranian Military Leader Violates International Law

Disruptive Assassinations: Killing Qassem Soleimani

General Soleimani was key figure in cooperation with Russia – Iran leader’s top adviser

Iran News Links 5-6 January 2020

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