Putting provid before workers to reopen the economy

13 May 2020 — theplanningmotivedotcom

[I think this is a MUST-READ essay that gets to the heart of how and why capitalism is killing us in the so-called developed world. WB]

Capitalism has and is making us sick. For three generations we have been besieged by pesticides, fungicides, preservatives and pollution. Our defences have been undermined by food that has been denatured, deodorized, processed, cheapened, and served in plastic film or containers. Supermarkets have essentially become mausoleums to dead food (there are exceptions). This poor diet has led to the biggest and most silent holocaust in history, countless hundreds of millions, mainly poor, who have eaten themselves into an early grave, but not before being trapped in their bodies and suffering for many years. Such unrecognised cruelty.

On Sunday, Boris Johnson ordered workers in manufacturing and construction back to work. Everyone commented on how muddle headed he came across. That was a deliberate smokescreen to obscure the threat he and his class pose to workers. No doubt, behind the scenes, government assistance to these categories of workers will be withdrawn despite the extension of furlough. In time honoured tradition, the bosses will drive workers back to work, if not with batons, then through financial coercion. The unwritten agenda is to build immunity in society before winter, even if this means spikes in fatalities, so the production of profits can continue. 


One thought on “Putting provid before workers to reopen the economy

  1. mijj says:

    Capitalism thrives in a society based upon the kind of democracy where it’s the dollars that are the votes and the voice.


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