ColdType June (Issue 207) is now online

28 May 2020 — ColdType

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  • FACING THE FUTURE – Just a few short months ago wearing a mask in a supermarket would have led to a police call-out, now it’s perfectly normal, as Dougie Wallace’s eye-opening 8-page Covid-19 photo essay from London shows.

Other top stories in this issue include:

  •  Trevor Hoyle’s tale of the day he called in on famed sci-fi author Philip K. Dick
  • Joe Allen’s outing to Sedona, Arizona, where hippies and other-worldliness are more important than a mere killer virus.
  • Sam Pizzigati looks at civil disobedience, billionaire-style, and Linda McQuaig explains why we shouldn’t let ourselves fall once more into the austerity trap.
  • We’ve also got C.J. Hopkins on the Brave New Normal (Part Two), Bob Dreyfus on Trump’s war with the CIA, Norman Solomon on the new class war, and Christine E. Black with some questions for gun-toting Michigan protesters.
  • There’s another photo essay from Gordon Parks, and articles by David Cromwell, Thomas S. Harrington, and George Monbiot, as well as Ron Saunders on Little Richard, a new column by Andrew Fischer, and some final words from Peter Hitchins.


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