Julian Assange News Links 22 October 2019

22 October 2019 • 15:50 — The New Dark Age

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Slow-Motion US/UK Killing of Julian Assange

Anti-Assange Court Continues Unfair Extradition Hearing to Railroad Assange to US

Australian media companies protest government attacks on press freedom

UK judge rejects delay in Assange extradition case

Julian Assange: Judge refuses to delay extradition hearing

Judge Denies Assange Extension on Extradition Hearing

Anti-Assange Court Continues Unfair Extradition Hearing To Railroad Assange To US

The Putin-Nazis Are Coming (Again)!

Assange Lawyer Decries ‘Legally Unprecedented’ Assault on Journalism as Judge Denies Request to Delay US Extradition Hearing

Coverage of Assange’s court appearance shows what a sorry state the media is in

Assange Denied Request To Delay Extradition Hearing; Prepares To Fight “Unprecedented” Charges

2 thoughts on “Julian Assange News Links 22 October 2019

  1. Helen Grant says:

    Just let Julian Assange know there are lots of ordinary people like me who are horrified by the way he is being mistreated, and the non respect of the rule of law. I feel helpless to support him from the country I live in. Is there a petition I can sign in favour of his freedom?


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