Bolivia News Links 20-21 November 2019

21 November 2019 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Capitalism’s Suicidal Trajectory can’t be ignored

Evo Morales Calls on International Organizations, Pope Francis to Create a Truth Commission

The Vanguard, Unity, People’s Power and Arms: The Keys to Continuing Victory

Lessons from Bolivia: A View from Cuba

Protests continue across Bolivia as the MAS submits to coup

Jimmy Dore: Corporate News Repeats CIA Propaganda On Bolivian Coup

Evo Morales Calls for ‘Truth Commission’ to Expose Deceitful Role of US-Backed OAS in Bolivia Coup

Lies Which the West Manufactures and then Consumes

China-Bolivia – A Lithium Deal, No More?

Morales describes new Bolivian government’s crackdown on protests as ‘genocide’

Youth Shut Down Luis Almagro’s Talk In Paraguay

Macri and the US Involvement in the Bolivian Coup Starting to Emerge

“We Refuse to be Burned”: 500 Years of Resistance, Colonization, and Coups in Bolivia

The IACHR Issues Warnings about Human Rights Violations in Bolivia

Defending Our Dignity Amidst a Racist and Fascist Coup d’etat

Macri and the US Involvement in the Bolivian Coup Starting to Emerge

Open Letter: Peoples of the World With Evo!

Neoliberalism’s Dirty Little Secrets Backfire

The Other Americans: Indigenous Guatemalans Mobilize to Denounce Coup in Bolivia

Elizabeth Warren’s Support for Bolivia Coup Consistent With Other Hawkish Foreign Policy Positions

Organization of American States Election Observers subvert Bolivian Democracy

China – Bolivia – a Lithium Deal – No More?

How Human Rights Watch Whitewashed a Right-Wing Massacre in Bolivia

FAIR: Unpacking Media Propaganda About Bolivia’s Election

Rightwing botnet supporting coup likely the work of the CIA, Salon editors suggest.

Bolivia – A Color Revolution – Or A New Surge For Latin American Independence?

NLG Statement On The Military Coup In Bolivia

Evangelical Groups Are The New U.S. Tool For Coups In Latin America

Bolivia News Links 20 November 2019

The Rise of Militant Religious Right in Latin America

Bolivia:  A Color Revolution or a New Surge for Latin American Independence?

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