Wikileaks Daily News Roundup 30 December, 2010

30 December, 2010 —

Obert Gutu: ‘blind’ follower of a ‘blind’ leader
The Zimbabwe Guardian
Tsvangirai, indicted on not over WikiLeaks, has been scarred by the revelations and he, and the whole world, now know that America sees him as a weak and …

WikiLeaks: Syria Encouraged Anti-Cartoon Protest
Voice of America
Photo: AP A US diplomatic cable appearing on the Wikileaks website says
Syria promoted violent protests against controversial cartoons of the
Prophet …

Wikileaks spokesman Julian Assange supported by Crosby campaigners
Crosby Herald
Mrs White told the Herald: “Alongside John Pillger and Ken Loach we
protest at the attacks on WikiLeaks and in particular on Julian Assange.

Abrams on Wikileaks
Politico (blog)
Daniel Patrick Moynihan called the “most significant First Amendment lawyer
of our age,” has taken such a dim public view of Wikileaks, and it’s a
testament …

Tom Meltzer’s WikiLeaks glossary
The Guardian
OpenLeaks Splinter site set up by Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a former associate
of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He told reporters: “We felt that
WikiLeaks …

WikiLeaks cable reveals how a Brazilian ‘terrorist’ got a US visa last year
Christian Science Monitor
The newly released WikiLeaks cable is the first indication of why Venceslau
was approved for a visa last year after having been turned down three times

The only Arab WikiLeaks recipient
Politico (blog)
From the moment WikiLeaks began releasing its latest batch of US diplomatic
cables, it was clear that they were likely to make a bigger mark on the
Arab …

US makes amends for Wikileaks documents criticizing Chilean president
AHN | All Headline News
The cable published by Wikileaks said the billionaire conservative was
“linked in the past to a number of questionable actions” in his
business dealings. …

Chinese economist predicts yuan rise: WikiLeaks
In a report released by WikiLeaks, the bank’s chief economist Hwa Erh-cheng
also predicted a three percent rise in the value of the yuan against the
dollar …

Now, pro-WikiLeaks hacktivists get taste of own medicine
Indian Express
The Anonymous group rose to prominence recently with its support for
whistleblower website WikiLeaks. Anonymous has taken credit for several
recent …—pro-WikiLeaks-hacktivists-get-taste-of-own-medicine/730897

Wired-Salon Wikileaks Flame War
MediaPost Publications
Salon’s Glenn Greenwald has responded to Wired’s double response to his
criticism in response to Wired’s Manning/Lamo-gate coverage on Wikileaks.

Anti-Israel backlash from WikiLeaks release
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
(JTA) — WikiLeaks’ release of thousands of classified diplomatic cables
has caused a backlash of anti-Israel conspiracy theories, according to the

Julian Assange Book Deal: Assange to Keep WikiLeaks Afloat With New Book
Julian Assange, the controversial head of secret-document release website
WikiLeaks, has signed a book deal worth more than $1 million to pay his …

WikiLeaks Cables: Test Your ‘Cablegate’ Knowledge Here (QUIZ)
Huffington Post
As WikiLeaks continues to release a steady stream of confidential documents
from the US State Department, the ensuing “Cablegate” scandal continues to

What Can SMBs Learn from the WikiLeaks Fiasco?
Sci-Tech Today
By Jennifer LeClaire The WikiLeaks fiasco offers real lessons for small and
midsize businesses. From blocking access by USB drives to need-to-know data

Another Apple Falls From the WikiLeaks Tree
ABC News
To some observers, the companies who have severed ties with WikiLeaks are
traitors to free expression, led by the nose by US government censors. …

Amazon Web Services, WikiLeaks and the Elephant in the Room
Winer suggests this is the reason that closed WikiLeaks’
account. “It makes perfect sense that the US government is a big customer
of Amazon’s …

WikiLeaks: U.S. Rejected Request to Help Probe of Assassination in Dubai
Democracy Now
WikiLeaks has released secret US diplomatic cables that show the US
government has refused to help the United Arab Emirates investigate the
assassination of …

WikiLeaks’ Stepchildren
The wide-eyed and softspoken German left WikiLeaks in September to start
his own leak-focused organization known as OpenLeaks. …

Gilani assures NA of resolving drone strikes issue
Daily Times
Responding to a point raised by PML-Q member Faisal Saleh Hayat regarding
the WikiLeaks disclosures about the country’s premier, Gilani said the
WikkiLeaks …

Wikileaks – US nudged Bangladesh to allocate gas blocks
WikiLeaks tapes released that US based ConocoPhillips was selected from a
field of seven bidders and awarded two offshore blocks for exploring gas in
2009. …

Wikileaks reveals U.S. pressured Vatican to promote GM crops
… pushed the Roman Catholic Church to support biotech food in developing
nations, according to secret US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks Reveals (More) Foul Play in Pfizer Drug Case
Hartford Advocate
By Gregory B. Hladky Connecticut has been sucked into the controversy
surrounding the WikiLeaks release of secret US diplomatic cables, and the
reason is …

Wikileaks Vindicates Cuba “Embargo”
FrontPage Magazine
The Wikileaks cables have revealed that nations that sell to Cuba on
government credit get stiffed. In other words, we have a confirmation of
what has been …

Drugs, Blackmail, And Wikileaks
The Atlantic
by Conor Friedersdorf On Day 12 of WikiLeaks’s release of US State
Department cables, the daily drip, drip, drip of diplomatic secrets
implicated the …

WikiLeaks ignites sex scandal Malaysia
Malaysia Sun
They’re having impact in Malaysia. That’s where the main opposition leader,
Anwar Ibrahim, is on trial, accused of having sex with a male political
aide. …

In Pakistan only WikiLeaks but Butterfly doesn’t
Oye! Times
AFP has filed a story from Karachi saying that the feminine hygiene
business has managed to harness the political notoriety of WikiLeaks to
tell women that …

2010: WikiLeaks, oil spills and Tiger Woods
Seriously, Wikileaks was one of two major tests concerning privacy and
technology in 2010. Now the size of a small country by population, concerns
over …

Exposing the secret state
Sydney Morning Herald
The test of the true value of WikiLeaks is if it helps end the government
culture of stealth. The wholesale release of official communications by
WikiLeaks …

WikiLeaks posts document regarding Armenian-Turkish protocols
Information-Analytic Agency
… generally enjoy strong public support, reads one of the
WikiLeaks-published letters sent by US Ambassador Donald Beyer to the
Secretary of State. …

Floyd Abrams: Why WikiLeaks Is Unlike the Pentagon Papers
Dallas Morning News (blog)
… has a thoughtful opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal that
makes some important distinctions between the Pentagon Papers and WikiLeaks
cases. …

WikiLeaks: Obama change on visa for kidnapper was an accident …
A Brazilian who helped kidnap the U.S. ambassador to his country in 1969
should never have received a tourist visa from the State Department last
year, according to a U.S. State Department cable made public by Wikileaks.
extra …

WikiLeaks’ Imitators Proliferate But Go Their Own Way: A Catalog …
By Curt Hopkins
The contentious whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks has ruffled so many feathers
that it’s been shut down not just in the countries we think of as
repressive, but in those …

ALA Wikileaks Data Hub | LISNews:
By StephenK
ALA Wikileaks Data Hub. December 29, 2010 – 1:29pm — StephenK. It appears
that the Office of Intellectual Freedom and the Washington Office of the
American Library Association have created a new “emerging issues” site to
provide rapid …

‘Cryptome’ writes WikiLeaks’ obituary: Site’s purpose now ‘dead in …
By Stephen C. Webster
WikiLeaks as a secrets outlet was once a thriving, vibrant online
community: a technology apparatus that allowed for the transmission of data
with complete anonymity. Today it is completely seized by the international
furor over US …

2010 Web Host Industry Year in Review – WikiLeaks | WHIR Web …
2010 Web Host Industry Year in Review – WikiLeaks | The Web Host Industry
Review – Web Hosting News.

Sox First: Wikileaks and the media
Where does Wikileaks leave the media? It is a sobering thought that the
media with all its resources has.

American Power: WikiLeaks — News Story of the Year
By Donald Douglas
Read Nick Gillespie’s essay, “The #1 Game-Changer of 2010: Wikileaks By a
Landslide.” The key point is that unlike the umpteen other purported “game-
changing” news stories, WikiLeaks is genuinely new. And Gillespie argues
the frequently …

WikiLeaks’ gift to Robert Mugabe — War in Context
By Paul Woodward
The political and media establishment’s assault on WikiLeaks has had the
unfortunate effect of creating two camps — one for which WikiLeaks is a
band of cyber-terrorists and the other in which WikiLeaks’ embattled status
fosters a sense …

Cheering for WikiLeaks’ Demise Is Cheering for Our Own by Paul …
By Paul Craig Roberts
Thus, the insistence that WikiLeaks is not a media organization and Fox
News ( sic) turning in a citizen for exercising free speech. Washington’s
assault on Assange and WikiLeaks is an assault on what remains of the US
Constitution. …

WikiLeaks is Wrong Because Those Sickos Enjoy It – First Draft
By Athenae
The Wall Street Journal basically plays a big game of “my kink is a fetish,
your kink is porn” with this piece: Mr. Ellsberg himself has recently
denounced the “ myth” of the “good” Pentagon Papers as opposed to the

Bank of America hits Wikileaks. “ Ramanan50’s Blog
By ramanan50
After WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange revealed his plans to release
damaging info on a major US bank, one lending institution sprung into
action in an effort to protect itself. That institution is Bank of America,
the lending giant …

Tis the Season: Wikileaks and a Tale of How the US Plunders the …
Wikileaks documents reveal about the nature of US Imperialism and how it
rules the world. Stephanie Meyers, editor, and Paul Krassner, writer and
satirist, talk about “The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas”. …

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks and the War on Journalism [Rap News Vs. NWO]
By ndmuscle123
Reload from thejuicemedia | | http | Who let
the Logs out!? Wikileaks drops 400000 classified documents shedding new
light on the Iraq war—the biggest leak of classified military documents
in …

HaikuLeaks – Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables | Poetry – Assange | Mediaite
By Ray Rahman
Some hold WikiLeaks responsible for committing crimes, while the
transparency- obsessed Julian Assange says his organization merely commits
journalism. But one pioneering online soul thinks that WikiLeaks is
producing something else …

Watching the Wikileaks Spin
By Miso Susanowa
Mr Abrams spends a great deal of time in this op-ed discussing the last 4
volumes of the Papers, which contained the kind of diplomatic material
Wikileaks released and was withheld from the initial publication of the
Pentagon Papers on …

neo-neocon “ Blog Archive “ Wikileaks and the Pentagon Papers
By neo-neocon
Floyd Abrams, one of the lawyers who defended the NY Times in the Pentagon
Papers lawsuit, differentiates between Daniel Ellsberg’s actions in
releasing those documents and Julian Assange’s in Wikileaks. Ellsberg, he
says, was mindful …

Several WikiLeaks Mirror Websites Cut off By Web Hosts | WHIR Web …
Industry Review – Web Hosting News.

Panama president wanted to wiretap rivals: WikiLeaks | Reuters
PANAMA CITY (Reuters) – Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli tried to
bully the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to turn its wiretapping
program on …

“W.T.F.”: CIA and NSA respond to WikiLeaks – The H Security: News …
While experts and analysts have already dubbed 2011 the year of “cyber war”
the US intelligence agencies are now responding to the WikiLeaks

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