Information Clearing House Headlines 16-17 October 2019

17 October 2019 — Information Clearing House

The Syrian Debacle Is Actually Well Planned Chaos

By Brandon Smith
The US “withdrawal” is not a withdrawal, it is a prelude to a bigger conflict. Continue


How The Win-Win-Win-Win Plan For Syria’s Northeast Succeeds

By Moon Of Alabama
The Russian air force is preventing the use of the Turkish air-force in support of the Turkish attacks.. Continue


“Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool!”: Read Trump’s wild letter to Turkey’s Erdogan

By Alex Ward
The letter shows that American foreign policy is firmly in Trump’s hands. Continue


Pelosi: Trump had ‘meltdown’ during White House meeting on Syria

By Jordain Carney and Rebecca Kheel 
Trump called Speaker Pelosi a “third-rate politician” and former Defense Secretary James Mattis “the world’s most overrated general.”. Continue


Lessons Not Learned from History Can Kill You

By Kim Petersen
It is not an unusual story of the US abandoning an ally. Continue


CNN Pretty Much Just Confirmed Project Veritas’s Whistleblower Is Telling The Truth

By Timothy Meads
Let’s just stay very focused on impeachment,” CNN president Jeff Zucker said. Continue


The Democrats support the “Forever War”

By Bill Van Auken
Today, the Democratic Party is the mouthpiece of the CIA. Continue


Democrats hate Tulsi Gabbard because she reminds them what they used to stand for

By Jack Hunter
She is more concerned with being anti-war than anti-Trump. Continue


Presidential ‘debates’ aren’t debates at all – they’re joint press conferences

By Naomi Schalit
This kind of format promotes the use of candidates’ focus-group tested messaging, “one-liners and canned mini-speeches.” Continue


Using political grand juries to jail political dissidents

By Chelsea Manning
I depended for survival on my values, my decisions, and my conscience. I will not abandon them now. Continue


The Age of Radical Evil 

By Chris Hedges
Hundreds of millions of people go hungry to feed this mania for profit, this radical evil that sees human beings, including children, as worth nothing. Continue


Just 100 Companies Will Sign Humanity’s Death Warrant

By Lee Camp
Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Continue

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