To Defend Evo’s Victory is to Defend the Peace, Democracy, Prosperity and Sovereignty of Latin America as a Whole

23 October 2019 — Internationalist 360° new chapter is added to the complex scenario recently configured in Latin America with the anti-neoliberal popular rebellions in Ecuador, Haiti and Chile, in which the right-wing forces that govern in those countries have responded with the most brutal repression: the disregard of Evo Morales’ resounding electoral triumph by the Bolivian and international right-wing, backed by the planet’s media power and the US economic and political power elite.

The events that occurred in Bolivia during the night and early hours of yesterday enable us to affirm that the plan entails the same script applied in Venezuela during the elections of April 14, 2013, when Nicolás Maduro Moros won the elections to the right-wing candidate Henrique Capriles Radonsky: 1) disregard of the electoral result on the part of the losing candidate without there being any evidence to support this, 2) circulation of fake news supposedly proving electoral fraud, 3) violence and vandalism in the street, 4) false positives to accuse Evo’s sympathizers of violence and repression of the government, 5) disregard of the electoral result by international organizations such as the OAS and non-governmental organizations such as Human Rights Watch, 6) disregard of the electoral result by political spokespersons of right-wing forces on the continent, such as María Corina Machado and Andrés Pastrana.

The application of this formula once again reveals how the right-wing forces in the countries of our continent operate cohesively and are aligned under the direction of the United States in its strategic plan to regain control of political power in Latin American countries and restore the continent to the times of the FTAA.

The authoritarian and elite character of these forces is also evident: for such forces the will of the popular majorities has no value, they are not democrats, they do not recognize the popular majorities as the historical driving force of their destiny, they only act in accordance with U.S. interests to the extent that they thereby guarantee their interests as local elites: In Venezuela and Bolivia they allege electoral fraud and illegitimacy of the presidents of both countries, elected transparently by popular vote; in Ecuador, Chile and Haiti they endorse the bloody repression, hide the crimes against humanity, invent ghosts and conspiracies to hide the fact that neoliberalism is violently rejected by the majority.

The threat hanging over Bolivia today is serious. A few months after the U.S. developed the Guaidó plan in Venezuela, in which not only all of the above-mentioned steps were applied, but also presidential self-proclamation and its international recognition by agents of international power headed by the U.S. government and the OAS, we could be facing a new rehearsal of that strategy, which implies, in addition to the possible self-proclamation of the losing candidate as president and his subsequent recognition: 1) pressure to break the armed forces, betray the institutionality and balance in favour of anti-democratic and interfering forces, 2) psychological operations to manufacture a social explosion, 3) pressure to break the political unity around the leadership of Evo and García Linera, 4) diplomatic aggression to ignore the legitimate government of Evo and isolate it internationally, 5) military threat and economic aggression, 6) declaration of a parallel government in some territory of the country or outside it.

This is a crucial hour for Sister Bolivia and for our America. The victory of peace, democracy and sovereignty of Bolivia will be the victory of peace, democracy and sovereignty of Latin America. What is at stake is no small matter.

The capacity of the Bolivian leadership to maintain unity and popular cohesion in the face of pressures, media warfare and aggression will be crucial. The unity that exists between the people, the armed forces and the leadership of Evo and García Linera will be vital. The unitary, cohesive and audacious action of the diplomatic forces in the continent and outside it to stop the advance led by the United States will be of the utmost importance. We have the capacity to break the communicational siege and counteract the disinformation and manipulation campaigns that will try to falsify the reality of Bolivia.

The battle for Latin America’s independence and prosperity is not over. We are still standing and fighting. The forces that seek to subdue and subdue us are not resting and will not rest. Today more than ever, the unity of peoples is an inalienable historical necessity.

Let us remain firm, let us remain alert, let us continue to build the integration that will make us strong to resist and overcome the international and national elites that only want us subdued.

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

Translation by Internationalist 360°

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