Information Clearing House Headlines 24 February 2020

24 February 2020 — Information Clearing House

Huawei in the Crosshairs

By Mike Whitney 
The United States will risk anything, even a nuclear conflagration with China, to maintain its tenuous grip on global power.   – Continue


The CIA’s Complicity in Recent Global Atrocities Revealed 

By Robert Scheer
Another astounding revelation about the extent of United States’ global surveillance operations.   – Continue====



We’re Asking One Question In Assange’s Case: Should Journalists Be Punished For Exposing War Crimes?

By Caitlin Johnstone
No one wants war except those who make big bucks from it. It’s the most evil thing that humans are capable of.   – Continue



Democratic Party deploys Russian meddling smear against Sanders

By Patrick Martin
The New York Times implies that any expression of social discontent in the United States, can be delegitimized as “parroting a Russian story line” and outlawed.   – Continue



How we stay blind to the story of power

By Jonathan Cook
The current efforts to stop Sanders from winning the Democratic nomination do at least help to open our eyes.   – Continue



The Zionist Colonization of Palestine

By Chris Hedges
Israel is an apartheid state that rivals and often surpasses the onetime savagery and racism of apartheid South Africa.   – Continue



My Struggle

By Gilad Atzmon
There is no real distinction between Jewish Zionists and their Jewish dissenters. I have found them to be equally racist.   – Continue


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