Brexit News Links 8 October 2019

8 October 2019 • 18:20 — The New Dark Age

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Brexit: Boris Johnson Moves to Scrap Environment and GMO Safeguards to Get Deal with Trump

Johnson’s Government Now Resorts to Threatening EU27 – Diplomatic Fallout Next?

Judges hear arguments in Brexit case

Today’s Links 8 October 2019

MPs anxious about UK’s no-deal Brexit toilet paper supplies

Brexit: Deal essentially impossible, No 10 source says after PM-Merkel call

Instead of trying to woo Tory voters, Jo Swinson should be getting behind Corbyn

Brexit: Boris Johnson moves to scrap environment safeguards to get deal with Trump

Johnson accuses EU of making it impossible to leave with a deal 

As he plunges the country into chaos, Boris Johnson thinks the royals need a new yacht

Brexit: Deal ‘essentially impossible’ after PM-Merkel call – No 10

Boris Johnson out in the cold with no Brexit deal in sight

Low paid workers join no-deal Brexit legal battle

No-deal Brexit would push UK debt to 50-year high, says think tank

European Union set to reject Johnson’s Brexit proposal

World Bank chief expects global economic growth to be below 2.6% this year

Johnson’s government now resorts to threatening EU27 – diplomatic fallout next

The Papers: Rows over US diplomat’s wife and Jennifer Arcuri

Electoral Manipulation – Questions for Johnson, Gove and Cummings

GM Foods – Don’t Hide What’s Inside

What is a no-deal Brexit?

The Brexit secretary’s ‘rhetoric’ exposes the DUP’s irrelevance to the Tory government

The reality of Johnson’s trade deal with Trump could mean ‘maggots’ and ‘insect filth’ are allowed in food

PM calls on EU to ‘thrash out’ Brexit objections

Divisions continue over opposition parties’ Brexit strategy

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